Beefeater Restaurant Broomside Park Durham


I was recently given the opportunity to try out the new and improved Beefeater restaurant, which was formerly part of the Table Table chain at Broomside Park, Durham. Living locally, I’d heard about the brand-spanking-new makeover, so couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about. 

Although the layout of the restaurant is pretty much the same, it’s clear to see that the space has been given a revamp. I love the big, ‘instagrammable’ hello sign on the way in- c’est tres moderne. There was new, funky art work on most of the walls, that have also been given a bright lick of paint. The branding all ties in really nicely!


We visited before Christmas, so the menu filled with festive-goodness was still in full flow and I couldn’t resist. However, I also had a browse through their new, general menu, and there are some things I’ll definitely be returning to try (Chicken and chorizo pie, get in my belly).


To start with, my eyes were bigger than my belly (running theme in this post I’m afraid) and I went for a full pitcher of mocktail to myself. It was a rose and lemonade concoction, and it was gorgeous. I probably didn’t really need a full pitcher, but it went down.

Next prime example of Laura misjudging the size of something, was when I stupidly ordered a full Camembert for starter, when Alex wasn’t keen. I basically had a full Camembert to myself. It was topped with cranberries and came with with a few pieces of warm ciabatta bread to dip. The waiter was so nice and offered us more bread when he saw how much cheese we had left. It didn’t help me stop making a pig of myself, but I wasn’t complaining.

Beef3.JPG Beef4.JPG

For main, Alex went for the lamb, which looked and smelled amazing. I went for the smothered chicken, which I won’t lie, didn’t look amazing in photographs, but appearance isn’t everything, and the taste made up for it! Also, just look at those portions please. Mine came with a full bowl of salad which could have been a meal in itself, and enough chips to feed two. Great value for money.


Why on earth we thought we could manage dessert I don’t know, but I’m so glad we did. Alex ordered the warm chocolate brownie, and I ordered Baileys profiteroles. I’ve got a feeling the profiteroles were limited edition for Christmas, so I won’t go on about how great they were and give you food envy (they were AMAZING), but Alex said his brownies were beautiful too, so definitely worth giving the desserts a go. I hope the profiteroles make a reappearance in 2018!


Thanks to Beefeater Broomside Park for inviting me along, and providing such a great service. I couldn’t fault the waiting team who were lovely and couldn’t do enough for us. I’ll be back to try the pie and burgers!

For more information and the full menu, visit, head to the Beefeater Facebook page, or pop over to Twitter- @beefeatergrill.


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