Roseberry Topping Middlesbrough

Sundays were made for walks, films on the sofa and roast dinners. Roseberry Topping was the perfect Sunday walk. With a bit of a challenge and beautiful views for photo opportunities, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Roseberry Topping 6

There is a National Trust car park, which costs £2.50 for up to two hours. If you know the area, there are probably more savvy places to park for free, but we didn’t have a clue (Google Maps is my best friend).

The walk starts with a lovely trail with stunning views of the hill. It’s gorgeous, but you also have to look up and think ‘good lord, how am I going to get up there?’

Roseberry Topping 1

My boyfriend will try to tell you that I complained the whole way up and that I made him stop about 10 times for a rest. Don’t listen to him, he’s lying (Children younger than 10 were overtaking me).

It’s a challenging walk in the way that the steps are uneven and some inclines are pretty steep, but we saw people of all ages at the top, so it’s a challenge the whole family can get involved in. Also, when you reach the top, the huffing and puffing all seems worth it. Don’t forget the camera!

Roseberry Topping 2

The weather changed about 10000 times while we were making our way up, which is why my photos look like they were taken on different days. It couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be blue sky and sunshine or full-on sea of mist. Sods law, it was in ‘sea of mist’ mode when we reached the top, but it was still breath-taking.

Roseberry Topping 9 (2)Roseberry Topping 4Roseberry Topping 10.JPGRoseberry Topping 11.JPG

The full walk (up, down and back to the car) took us about an hour an a half, so it wasn’t too tiring. It goes without saying that coming down was a bit easier than up, so we probably spent most of that time walking up, or taking photos along the way. Quite a few people were eating lunch at the top which I’d probably do if we were to go again – it gives you an excuse to sit and stare at the view some more.

Roseberry Topping 5

For more information on Roseberry Topping, opening times and parking, visit the National Trust website. Happy walking!


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