Kaspas Dessert House Sunderland


I’ve passed the Kaspas Dessert House in Newcastle a few times and always wondered what it was about, so when one opened in Sunderland I couldn’t resist finding out. It’s a minute walk from the Empire Cinema in the town centre so perfect to grab a dessert after a film. You know when you get to the end of a meal and still have room for more (always) but the dessert menu is a bit disappointing with like 3 or 4 options? Go to Kaspas. The dessert menu isn’t disappointing, apart from the fact you can’t pick it all.


The place was pretty busy when we went so I couldn’t take photos of the restaurant, but it felt like an American Diner. There were leather booths, the walls were covered in lights and mirrors and I felt like people were going to start serving in roller skates (they didn’t, but idea for the future Kaspas?).

We placed our order at the front counter where there were so many cakes and desserts on display that I ended up changing my mind about ten times while we were in the queue! The menu includes a huge selection of sundaes, with flavours like tutti fruitti, cookies and After Eight, waffles and crepes with an endless choice of toppings, cakes and puddings including chocolate indulgence and fudge brownie cookie dough, bubble slushes and juice balls, and milkshakes and smoothies. You can even get chocolate dipped strawberries. After drooling over the menu for ages I finally decided on Chunky Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough with vanilla ice cream and my friend got a Nutella crepe with ice cream. A full menu can be found at the Kaspas site here.

Words can’t describe how good my cookie dough was. It was warm and gooey and so chocolatey. The ice cream was cool too as it was like the Mr Whippy ice cream you normally get from a van.


I really want to go back to try… everything. Can you really beat a place that’s just sells desserty goodness? Salted caramel milkshake and an Oreo crunch waffle are definitely high on my list of what to try next! I would say Kaspas Dessert House is a great addition to Sunderland.

You can follow Kaspas on Twitter or Facebook or visit their site here.


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