Ramside Spa and Fusion Restaurant Durham


I get excited for any invites I receive, but the excitement of getting an invite to a spa is a whole new level of EEK. I’ve visited Ramside Spa in the past for the launch of Mii Cosmetics (previous post here), but this time, along with a group of North East bloggers, we got to actually use the spa facilities- dressing gowns and all! We were also given a taste of the spas own Asian Fusion restaurant…


I don’t think anyone can argue that the spa isn’t beautiful. It just looks gorgeous- with cool lighting, relaxing loungers lining all the walls and cushioned cabanas dotted around. There are five pools in total: a full size 25 metre swimming pool and bubble pool, a large hydrotherapy pool with massage jets, an infinity pool which overlooks the golf course, and my favourite, the outdoor spa pool. I know the aim of a spa is to relax, but I think we were too excited to sit still, we just wanted to try everything at once.

We were given a spa dressing gown, flip flops and towel and let loose to give everything a go. The hydrotherapy pool is the large, hexagon shaped pool above. There were different buttons around the pool to set off different jets. These are all there to target different muscles in the body for a water massage and ultimate relaxation. My favourite was a plate in the middle section which had a jet that pushed against your back, it was bliss. The water was so warm and toasty too.


Next we gave the outside spa pool a whirl. I mean, I won’t lie it was an absolutely freezing night so we pretty much ran, but the water was gorgeous. It was even hotter than the hydrotherapy pool so once we were in it was just as toasty and such a cool atmosphere. One thing I would say is there needs to be some sort of outside radiator for the dressing gowns while you’re enjoying the pool- that thing was freezing when I put it back on as it had just been sat on the lounger. Made going back inside all the more cosy though.


I didn’t get time to try everything unfortunately as I had to leave but as well as the pools, the spa includes a herbal sauna, multiple steam rooms, and drench showers. A full list of facilities can be found here.  It was also a shame that the infinity pool was closed for maintenance, but I have got photos of it in my previous post here. It looked stunning.


In terms of spa treatments Ramside leaves you spoilt for choice. There are 14 treatment rooms, a darkened sleep retreat with sleep pods, a nail bar, pedicure thrones and a Middle Eastern Mud Rasul Chamber. There’s a long list of treatments available with different massages, facials and wraps. A full list can be found here.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the Spa also has it’s own gym and exercise classes. With a membership you have access to all the facilities and exercise classes- I really want to try aerial yoga where you hang from the ceiling- google it! Information of memberships can be found here.


We were also given the opportunity to try out Ramsides own Asian Fusion restaurant with a sneaky glass of champagne- Midori champagne, which I thought would be a weird combination but it was really good! The restaurant do brunch, light bites, evening meals and a special Asian afternoon tea. We were given a buffet to try the different things on offer, but because I’m allergic to nuts I was given my own special plate of nut free foods. Ramside were so accommodating and had a nice range of food I could still eat so definitely no complaints. I had a selection of teriyaki chicken, duck spring rolls, samosas and dim sum and they were all gorgeous, especially the spring rolls. There were also boards of fresh sushi on our table which I didn’t try but they looked good.

For Christmas, the restaurants bar has a signature gingerbread martini available. I could have quite easily drank a full glass rather than the shot glass we were given as it was so good. It was so warming and tasty- definitely my new favourite drink!

For the full Fusion restaurant see here. I can’t wait to go back and eat a meal on the table under this gorgeous fairy light tree.

ramside27ramside26ramside11ramside19ramside13With the lovely Kayleigh and Kirsty ramside6ramside24

Thanks to Ramside Spa for having me- I’m crazy grateful, it was amazing. I can’t recommend it enough really- for yourself or as a perfect Christmas present for someone you feel deserves to be pampered.

You can follow Ramside on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with updates and deals, or find out more at their site.



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