Lane 7 mini golf Newcastle


Lane 7 is known in Newcastle for being the place where you can have a game of bowling, play beer pong and karaoke your heart out all under the same roof. Well if that wasn’t enough, as of October 27 you can also play Lane 7 mini golf. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to get an invite to a preview night. How can you not love mini golf?


The course is downstairs in a room with a few of the bowling lanes so ideal if you’re wanting to do both, and it makes a great atmosphere. We grabbed drinks from the bar before heading downstairs, stopping to laugh at the golf rule on the wall, ‘Be careful, especially if you’ve had a drink.’ I bet they get some messy, drunken mini golf games.

The course is 9 holes, with loops, banks, tunnels and all the stuff that makes it not as easy as it looks. We grabbed sticks, the best novelty golf balls ever (because mine had a cat on) and a score card and headed off to make complete fools of ourselves. Not joking, it took me about ten attempts to get my ball round the loop and I swore a lot. Not as easy as it looks!


We were given the chance to try out some of Lane 7’s food to keep us going after all that strenuous exercise. We had the salsa filled potato skins, mini burgers and maple syrup covered sausages- it was all so good. The burgers were the best with smoked cheese and a brioche bun.  We probably ate Lane 7 out of house and home but it was too tasty. Their full food and drinks menus are available here.


I’m pretty ashamed to say I came last out of the three of us. It was the 8th hole, it’s a killer. Thanks to Lane 7 for the invite, the course and food were great and I’d definitely come back- I really need to give the private karaoke room a go!

You can follow Lane 7 on Twitter here for updates and info.


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