The New Saucy Burger Sunderland


Last week I got the chance to try out the new Saucy Burger in Sunderland, which specialises in- you guessed it, bloody big burgers. The restaurant used to be Dr Feel Goods Tapas Bar (which I reviewed in the past, here) but it’s since had a make over and is sporting a revamped interior and a new menu that’s worth drooling over


We were seated at one of the jazzy booths with leather seats, rope lights and our own kitchen roll-  that’s when you know a place is going to serve some serious food. We had a great view of the quirky, open beamed ceiling, filled with barrels and fairy lights. Off from the main restaurant area there’s also a back room with big ‘cow shed’ booths which were closed off when we visited, but I snuck in to nab a few photos!

We decided to go the full whack and order starters for pure greed purposes. The menu had a range of starters and small tapas bites- from the typical starters like Garlic Mushrooms and Sticky Wings, to something different like the Trio of Sliders or the Harissa Spiced Halloumi Skewers. I got Poppin Chicken Bites which were crispy, buttermilk popcorn chicken pieces with a sweet chilli sauce. I can’t find the photo I took but they were served in a cute tea cup and tasted yummy. If you aren’t up for a full meal there’s a 3 starters for £10.95 deal which would be great to have as some nibbles when you’re out for drinks.

While we waited for our mains we had a mess around with some temporary promotion tattoos of their Saucy Burger logo (a pin up girl with a cows head that I love!).


We also went to have a look at the colourful statement wall near the entrance that was covered in spoof/pun newspaper headlines to do with cows. It was amazing. Along with a photo booth for drunken snapshots and a terrace for when the sun makes a rare appearance in Sunderland, the place has everything. I was really impressed with how much effort has gone into the decor to make the place feel cool. They’ve created a great atmosphere.


For the main I had to give one of their speciality burgers a go. There were some pretty interesting choices on the menu, like the Waffle Burger which is a hamburger in between two sweet waffles, or the Love Hate Burger which is topped with cheesy hash browns and Bacon Frazzle crisps. That’s right, crisps on a burger. The dream, ladies and gentlemen. I went for the Monster Muncher which was topped with Pickled Onion Monster Munch crisps. YES PLEASE. It also came with Honey Nut Cheerios (which I had to do without as I have a nut allergy, boo), smoked bacon, Montery Jack cheese and Jim Beam Honey Mayonnaise. It was amazing! Here’s a rather unattractive photo of me trying to eat it. As you can see it’s a pretty colossal burger.


If you’re not totally all about burgers there are other options on the menu. One of my friends, ordered the Chargrilled Chicken which looked good, and the others both ordered the Single Combos which were a choice of two different meats and two sides. They looked and smelled lush.You can see the full Saucy Burger menu here!

No matter how full we were, we couldn’t leave without trying a Saucy Burger Freak Shake. Dessert heaven. There are four to choose from: Sloppy Banoffee topped with a whole doughnut, Kinder Surprise topped with a Kinder Egg, an ice cream cone and Fizz Wizz, Nutella Cake Face topped with a whole piece of cheesecake and the Oreo Cookie, topped with lots of Oreos. Just look at them. They’re like masterpieces. I got the Kinder Surprise and it was beautiful. It’s like all the best desserts thrown into one. You no longer have to decide between cake, ice cream and a milkshake because you can have it all in a jam jar.


Overall, I think I’m in love with Saucy Burger. I’ll definitely be going back as I have to have another Freak Shake in my life. Thanks so much for having us guys, it was amazing. You can check out Saucy Burger’s website here, follow them on Twitter or keep up with updates on Facebook.

Have you tried Saucy Burger already? What did you think? Let me know below!


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