Cabana Brasilian Barbecue Launch Party Newcastle


I’d seen that The Cabana Brasilian Barbecue was going to be a new addition to Newcastle’s ever growing, amazing restaurant scene (next to The Gate and Turtle Bay), so I was thrilled when an invite to the Press Launch Party popped into my inbox! Neither me or my plus one had been to a Brasilian restaurant before so we were really excited to give it a go and have a cocktail or two (or five)…

The first thing to say about Cabana Brasil is how amazing the interior is. It’s filled with bright colours, lights and lanterns hanging from the ceilings and is inspired by the beaches, streets and markets of modern Brazil. There’s also a kitchen window where you can see (and smell) the street food cooking away on an open grill. It all came together to make a great atmosphere!

While the chefs were on working their magic in the kitchen we were given the chance to try Cabana’s speciality cocktails- the Caipirinhas, Brazil’s national cocktail. First we tried the refreshing, original Caipirinha which is a blend of Cachaça (sugar cane liquor), sugar and lime. We then gave the Mango and Raspberry flavours a go which were definitely my favourites. They looked and tasted lush.

 Hats off to the bar staff who were on top form all night and kept freshly made cocktails on the bar constantly. There’s a possibility I had one too many but they were amazing and we were sat next to the bar so I couldn’t say no. On the way in one of the hosts said that the cocktails were quite boozy and she wasn’t wrong. They don’t stinge on alcohol!

Soon the street food was brought out from the kitchen and we were given the chance to try different things from Cabana’s menu. There were Halloumi Skewers with Guava Dip, Garlic Bread, Sticky BBQ Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Cheesy Dough Balls, Chunky Chips and Chocolate Raindrop Doughnuts. Our favourite was definitely the Sticky BBQ Chicken which was absolutely beautiful. We were like vultures every time a fresh plate was brought out. I’m a massive fan of BBQ anyway so paired with tender, pulled chicken it was lush. The Cheesy Dough Balls were also great, especially paired with their signature Guava Sauce. I didn’t get to try the Doughnuts as they were made with Nutella (allergy) but Sanjeet ate mine too so they must have been nice. We’re already planning a trip back so we can try them all again!

After all the food we had a sneaky glass of Prosecco (there was also wine and beer on offer) and it was time for a dance. There were some beautiful women in Brazilian Carnival dress making there way round the room to add to the party atmosphere. They put our drunken dancing to shame but that didn’t stop us giving the Macarena 110%…

We both had such a great time at the event and would like to say a huge thank you to Cabana Brasil for having us. The food and cocktails are all gorgeous and definitely worth visiting for. We’ll be back soon, not just for the food and drinks but also for the great atmosphere and lovely welcoming staff. Check Cabana Brasil out at their site or give them a follow on Twitter.


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