Mog On The Tyne Cat café Newcastle

This weekend I finally got to visit Mog On The Tyne, Newcastle’s first cat café. You can grab a cup of tea and a slice of cake all while snuggling and playing with the resident cats. Or just sit back, enjoy all the amenities of a café and watch the kitties play…

To visit the café you must book an allotted time slot on their website (here). This is done so everyone gets an equal time with the kitties and they get time for an undisturbed catnap in the afternoon. We arrived just as our group were being shown in and got to admire how cute the shop is from the outside. Their logo is adorable and a few of the cats were having a little nose out the window at the group of humans ready to bring them treats.

Inside is like a jungle gym for cats. There are steps up the wall, bridges across the ceilings, scratching posts taller than your average person, a cat sized hamster wheel and plenty of nooks for them to snuggle up in. It’s pretty amazing and if I was a cat I know where I’d want to live. For the humans, there’s cushioned seating so you can make yourself at home and even slippers if you want to be extra cosy!

After plenty of ‘awws’ and photo taking, we ordered food and drinks for ourselves and were given some optional Dreamies (cat treats) if we wanted to feed the cats- good for enticing them over for strokes.

On the menu there was a selection of freshly made sandwiches and cakes from the Pet Lamb Patisseriewhich all sounded amazing. With it being lunch time we ordered Chicken and Chorizo Paninis, which were so good. My Mam and I got a cup of tea while my sister got an apple juice in a cute jam jar glass. I saw other customers order hot chocolates which looked ah-mazing in their jam jars with whipped cream and marshmallows, nom. Definitely need to go back to try one.

Although the food and drink was good, the cats were obviously the main attraction. They’re used to people and attention so they freely come up to you (probably because they know there are treats) for strokes or play. There are toys for you to play with them if you fancy or you can just relax and watch them being cute. All of my photos make it look like they slept the whole time, but it’s just because it was the only time they were still for photos! Mog On The Tyne have ten gorgeous cats so don’t worry if some of them are asleep because there’ll always be some of the ten up for playing!

I loved my first cat café experience and will definitely be returning! I’m a confessed cat lady anyway so it was always going to be heaven, but I think anyone could be converted as the place has such a relaxing, chilled atmosphere. If you’re after trying something a little different then I’d recommend Mog On The Tyne.

You can find out more information at their site or their twitter page @mogonthetyne



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