Noir Drinks Lounge Christmas Tapas Whitley Bay


Tapas isn’t something I normally associate with Christmas, so when Noir Drinks Lounge in Whitley Bay asked me to try their new Christmas tapas I was interested to see what they had in store! Noir are located by the sea front and are known for their great and ever-updating cocktail menu, tapas and afternoon tea…

We were given a warm welcome by our waitress and seated in one of the spacious booths next to the window overlooking the sea. There was a gorgeous black chandelier above us which my camera wouldn’t let me get good photo of so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Normally with tapas I find you can end up spending a small fortune just to have enough food to make up a meal, so I was surprised to see how great value their Christmas menu was. With six dishes and a glass of mulled wine for just £16.95 (that’s not each, that’s £16.95 for the full whack) we ended up with plenty to go around. There were so many dish options that it took a few domestics before we decided on six:

– Smoked Chicken with Mushroom Terrine

– Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli

– Rosemary Potatoes with Baby Onions

– Garlic Mussels in a White Wine Sauce

– Ham and Parmesan Croquettes

– Potted Brown Shrimp in Clarified Lemon Butter

While we waited for the food we made a start on the Mulled Wine. I’d never tried it before and not being that fussed on cold wine I didn’t think I’d like hot wine, but I really enjoyed it. Not sure why but it tastes so much nicer hot. The jug and the cinnamon stick were cute festive touches too and we felt so Christmassy (also helped by the Christmas tree right by our table).

The food was definitely the highlight- especially the Crab Fishcakes and the Rosemary Potatoes which were beautiful. Every dish was well presented and cooked perfectly. What we actually ended up ordering weren’t the most festive things from the menu, but there were other options like the Pancetta and Sausage with Cranberry Compote or a dish with chestnuts and sage if you’re after something more festive. Even so, the whole meal with mulled wine came together to make me feel so excited for Christmas and definitely proved to me that tapas isn’t just about chorizo, tomato and all that Spanish jazz.

Thanks to Noir for having us. I loved my first visit and we’re definitely planning on coming back for an Afternoon Tea as the cakes looked delish.


Check out Noir’s website here for their full menu and videos of the gorgeous food and cocktails so you can make yourself extra hungry before heading down. You can also follow them over on twitter to keep up with all the goings on and offers.


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