Ramside Spa and Mii Cosmetics Durham


Since it’s opening, Ramside Spa has been the talk of Durham. Everyone’s excited that we now have such a large spa close to the City Centre. I was doubly excited to be invited to take a look around and attend the press release of their new make up range Mii Cosmetics. I was so excited that I tripped up the stairs and face planted the floor in front of the man giving out champagne. My being ‘fancy’ only stretches to a certain extent and I was saving it all for when I got inside…


The Spa is breathtakingly beautiful and as we were lead through to the lounge area (where I couldn’t resist a photo in the egg chair) we were all awestruck by the outside space. Best part of it, those steps are going to lead to an outside hot tub/relaxation pool (almost completed which is why there isn’t a photo) which will overlook a Spa garden. Who wouldn’t want to relax in an outside heated pool with a glass of champagne?

While we enjoyed some yummy canapés looking out at that view (was feeling practically royal by this point) the ladies of Mii Cosmetics then talked about their range which will be available at the spa. We were given the opportunity to play around with some of the products…

Mii Cosmetics is made to enhance, rather than hide your natural beauty. I couldn’t get a lot of make up photos because my camera was playing up in the lighting but I was so glad that this photo worked out as the lipsticks were my favourites- especially the perfect nude called Whisper 01 on the end. They have active ingredients to improve the condition of lips with every wear and a non-drying formula which means they deliver a long-lasting sheen all day! All of the products were perfect for the luxury you expect to get from a spa make over.

Mii Cosmetics were also super generous and gave us one of their Show Stopping Lash Lover mascaras to test at home. It has a really thick brush for application which always tends to work better for my lashes so I can’t wait to try it out!

You can find out everything you want to know about Mii Cosmetics on their websitehttp://www.miicosmetics.com/ or follow them on Twitter for updates and offers here.


After learning all about Mii Cosmetics it was time to tour the spa…


This is the stunning, heated relaxtion pool. I didn’t want to leave. There were lounge chairs, teepee chairs and waterfalls- it was like paradise. If you get rired of floating around in the relaxation pool or the huge main pool, there’s also a beautiful sauna and steam room between the two.

After a treatment you can wind down in the relaxation room, filled with beds separated with bead curtains to retreat behind. Safe to say it’s pretty luxurious. It has absolutely everything you would imagine from a Spa and for the perfect pamper day.

The spa also includes a new Asian Fusion restaurant, where they offer a selection of Asian cuisines or an afternoon tea to round off a day of winding down. Can I just live there please? The full menu is available here.

photo taken from http://www.ramsidespa.co.uk/photo taken from http://www.ramsidespa.co.uk/


 Thank you to Ramside Spa for inviting me- I had the best time and can’t wait until that outside pool is finished because I will be booking straight up.

You can check out all that the Spa has the offer, all their packages and treatments at their site – http://www.ramsidespa.co.uk/ or follow them on Twitter here.


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